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You can trust the experience of Put-in-Bay Gun Lawyer Robert Stiefvater.  If you have questions about an Ohio Concealed Carry Permit, are interested in creating an NFA Gun Trust, or are seeking a Restoration of Rights so you may again legally possess a firearm, call today to schedule an appointment.

Put-in-Bay Ohio Concealed Carry Permit Lawyer

An Ohio Concealed Carry Permit grants the individual the legal privilege to carry a loaded handgun on their person and in their vehicle.  There are certain restrictions pertaining to where and sometimes when the individual can carry.  Under the current law, not all states recognize Ohio’s CCW (concealed carry) Permit.  Do not expose yourself to possible criminal charges by carrying in a place or at a time when it is illegal.  Stiefvater Law, LLC can provide advice and legal opinions to your Concealed Carry questions.

NFA Gun Trust Attorney in Put-in-Bay, Ohio

Currently, there are certain restrictions on the types of firearms an individual can own.  Short-barreled firearms, automatic firearms, and silencers all require the approval of your chief law enforcement officer, ATF approval, a Federal background check, and additional tax stamps to be legally possessed.  Once that process is complete, you are the only person permitted to own, hold, and fire those firearms and equipment.  This leads to many issues in regard to estate planning, traveling with, and even firing those firearms.

An NFA trust solves those issues.

Put-in-Bay Restoration of Rights Attorney

Sometimes, an individual has a disqualifying event – that is, a criminal charge or other adjudication that prevents you from being able to own or possess a firearm.  Under certain circumstances, Stiefvater Law, LLC can fight the courts and restore your right to bear arms.  We have successfully restored rights for many individuals.  Grandpas and Dads have been able to take their children and grandchildren hunting… just like their fathers and grandfathers did for them.

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